Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Oh Yeah,



I forgot! I have a blog!


Life has a bit wild with baby and family Holiday events. I am hoping now that everything has calmed down I can get back to a semi normal schedule around here. I was even up late last night making lists of things I want to do, both everyday life and my business.

For everyday stuff I want to start taking walks more often, even when it is raining, which seems to be when I least want to do it.

I need to help my husband eat healthier, like pack his lunches for him. If he does it he just packs a cup of noodle. : P

I want to explore more with my camera! We live in such a beautiful state and a great part of it! I want to capture and share it.

I want to build up my brand better for my Etsy

I want to work harder at promoting my photography business and my Etsy.

I need and want to get better at reading my Bible and work on my relationship with God.


So that is all for now being as the baby is waking up! I hope everyone had a great holiday season! 

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