Friday, January 23, 2015

Being a Mom { 9 }


Okay so I currently have this thing called cabin fever! Don’t get me wrong, being a stay at home mom is great, I love all the time I get to spend with my little Claire bear. However it drives me a little crazy, I talk in a high pitch voice all day and all I talk about is nonsense. I end up feeling bad for the people I do see through out the week, they end up having their poor ears talked off! I think starting my Etsy and taking pictures for a local studio about once a week helps my “cabin fever” though.  lol

This little girl has started to have sink bathes, which she loves! Nap times are driving me crazy, we seem to have problems figuring out a schedule. Yesterday she refused to take her morning nap, she was being a pill about it too. She hates being on her belly but that didn’t stop her from rolling on to it and then “forgetting” how to roll onto her back again. She then only took a 5 min nap on a drive to my friends house, then a 15 min nap on the way home. Thank goodness after half an hour of being home she took a nice 2 and a half hour nap. I have told her that one nap a day is not going to fly, we will see if she listens. ; )

Talking, she cannot get enough of it., she just sits and blabs all day long. She also learned the other night how to spit. : / Her saucer and the floor was covered in my baby saliva. Gross….