Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Being a Mom { 8 }


Everyday I am amazed at how much that this little girl is learning. Claire is right now trying her hardest to crawl but always ends up pushing herself backwards. She has also finally discovered her toes and is now always playing with them, which makes diaper changing a pain! We have also started solids, which she is a little unsure about. The first time we tried the oatmeal cereal she made the worst faces at it and everything went on her face, the bib, all up her arms and on me! the second time was the same thing but the third time was the charm, she kept opening her mouth and it all stayed in! Bananas though are another story….

I think one of my favorite things is how she takes everything is and studies stuff. Like right now she is in her saucer behind me staring at the tag on  a fabric part, she keeps passing it back and forth between fingers trying to figure it out. One of my least favorite things right now is she is so active but because she can’t move around on her own yet she is super needy. She wants to be entertained or carried around all time, which is a little annoying when I am trying to get stuff done. I am hoping that when she can crawl, explore and fetch her toys on her own that she won’t be quite so needy. She has also been extremely moody which I am thinking my be due to a little teething.

Being a mom has been so much fun though! I noticed yesterday when Josh’s mom took her, so I could get some stuff done, that I missed her terribly. Even though I was able to get a bunch of stuff done and didn’t have to worry about her I still was wanting her with me. But let me tell you I am like a machine when she isn’t at home or during naps, I am attacking the dishes or I try to get a few crocheting projects done. But I will admit that some things I dread so much that they end up sitting forever, like the laundry. Seriously though! Who really enjoys laundry? I don’t mind the loading and switching them from the machines, it’s the whole folding and putting them away that I cannot stand. So I maybe use the baby as an excuse not to do them, even though that could be a nap job. lol

Well it is almost nap time, so I now am off to put her down and clean a little, and maybe do a little or all of the laundry. ;P

Have a great day. : )


  1. Beautiful pictures of your adorable subject! I hate the laundry too!

  2. she is adorable.
    have you tried wearing her? in a sling or a carrier like an ergo? I have lots of friends that do so. We tried with my LO but he was in cast and then braces on his feet so it wouldn't work. But now he likes it and he is a year old now. I can get so much done when he does get in my ring sling or my Ergo.

    1. I have tried it but I currently only have a ring sling which isn't her favorite. She likes to be facing forward. I am going to try getting one that I can carry her on my back with though.

  3. I love this! First of all your pictures are amazing - but also I love that our babies are at the same stage. it's nice to know that there's another momma going through the same "fun" things that I am - ie diaper changing disasters and needy babies.
    Also in love with her crocheted hoodie!

    1. Thanks! It is nice! I love following all of you other moms. : )