Monday, November 10, 2014

Being a Mom { 6 }

Little Claire is growing so fast! She will be 17 weeks tomorrow! She continues to sleep through the night, naps are rough but she is slowly getting back in the habit of normal nap times. She has been enjoying time on her tummy and thinks it is a great game to roll over every time I put her on her stomach. The other day she did roll from her back to her tummy though! She had me shocked, I don’t think she planned on rolling over, it just kinda happened.
Baby laughs, they are by far the cutest sound in the world! Claire will sometimes let one out when we kiss her cheek over and over, when we play peek-a-boo, or when Josh blows into her neck. She continues to generally be a happy girl, however she has had a bit of an attitude. The other day I set her in her crib so I could grab her outfit in the other room, well she didn’t like it so she squealed at me and smacked her feet rather hard on the mattress, then continued to glare and let out loud shouts. I have a feeling that this little girl is going to be very opinionated and vocal (which would be from her dad). lol
Drool, we have had a lot of drool! and everything goes in the mouth, from toys, clothes, blankets, her hands, our hands, pretty much anything she can get a hold of. It has mostly been her hands though because she is still learning how to pick stuff up and move them around. She has smacked herself in the face more than once or she gets too excited and tosses the toy way above her head. 
And now for picture time! There are a lot because she was so happy and I had a hard time narrowing it down.
Annnnd done….


  1. Too much cuteness...she told you in the last photo...haha ;)


    1. Yeah she just decided she had enough. lol : )

  2. She is so sweet!!! Happy 17 weeks! :)