Saturday, October 11, 2014

Being a Mom { 5 }

I think I am loosing it! Does any other mom talk crazy talk to their baby??? The following is conversation between the two of us and Note! I do the talking for the both of us, or at least try and interpret the baby blabbing and cooing.

                              Me: Hey there Claire                                                                  Me: What are you doing?                                                Me: Yeah, you, silly girl.
                                    Claire: : P                                                                                 Claire: Who? Me?                                          Claire: Oh! Just sticking out my tongue
              Me: So you think that is fun huh?                                         Me: Oh yeah, well look at this…. : P                                                  Me:……………….
                               Claire: Yeah……                                                            Claire: ………….. Whoa…….                                                   Claire: hehehehe……. : P
                          Me: Hehehehe You are funny!                                             Me: What? you crazy girl.                                                                Claire: Wait!
                                         Claire: Ah!                                                             Claire: Nothing…                                                        Me: What?!?                                        
Claire: Look at this face….. :~/
Me: Ah! I love you so much!
And I seriously know I am crazy by the one look she gives me, it really does say it all!
Anyways! now that you all know I have lost it I will tell you a little about how things are going.
First off she is sleeping amazing through the night! Her naps however are few and far between. A few weeks ago she would take two 3 hour naps for me, now I am lucky if I get one full 2 hour nap. She otherwise will sleep here and there for 15 to 30 min.
She is eating like crazy, along with drooling a ton and being way more clingy. However, the cuteness outweighs all of the little annoying things. Her little voice and smiles melt my heart on a daily basis.

Here are a “few” more pictures. : D

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  1. Oh how I love this little girl!
    I enjoy chatting with her too, now that she is cooing!