Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Claire’s Room

Finally! I am sharing pictures from Claire’s room.
The little self is an old orange crate I found at an antique store, it was a great price too! The vintage mobile was my mom’s as a baby, she then used it for me and now for Claire. : )
The wood shelves are ones that Josh made out of an old pallet.
This super cute whale is one that my friend Tasha made for Claire.
I made both of the pillows, there is a link for the puppy pillow in THIS post. I also did all of the wall art except for the bear and the little picture of my old horse as a foal. 
I love the way it turned out! The only thing that will sadly be changing is the tissue paper flowers. Josh is making me change them, because they are a “spider trap”. Which was decided after a certain night I was feeding. I was sitting on my Ipad while Claire ate, when the tissue paper started to lightly rustle. : / Tissue paper doesn't make noise on its own, well a spider the size of a fifty cent piece popped out of the corner!  I shouted to Josh, who was sound asleep, to come kill it (he is deathly afraid of spiders).  He then informed me that the flowers could not stay. : P So I am going to do a tissue cloud, with rain drops, that hangs down. I thought that would be cute with the mobile, being as it looks like an umbrella.
Oh, and the chair will eventually be changed to a rocking chair, this one is from the living room.

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  1. I love how bright and colorful it is and how adorable sweet baby Claire looks gazing up at the same mobile that you and I use to gaze at! ♥
    I notice a few of your stuffies in there too! :)


  2. excuse me while I stalk your blog - it's been a while. I am in love with her nursery - it turned out so good! With or without the rocker ;)