Friday, September 12, 2014

Being a Mom { 3 }

Anyone have a really gross baby story? Mine would be from a few nights ago. Claire was just about done eating when she started fussing, so I lifted her up to burp her when all of a sudden she vomits ALL over the place. The couch, all the pillows, my Ipad and she was soaked! The best part was though that it was so projectile that it went all over me, my chest, hair and IN MY MOUTH! : P The taste of vomit is always the worst, but I do not think it as bad as the taste of your child’s vomit in your mouth! Yuck, Yuck, YUCK! :/


We have also had a couple of diaper leaks, though that isn’t as bad. Once was when I tried to move Claire to the cloth diapers, however her legs were too skinny that she leaked past the legs. Joy… Back to the disposables we went, I can’t wait till she fills in more so I can use the cloth.


Sleep has been a hit and miss for her, we went a week of sleeping through the night, anywhere from 8 to 11 hours. This week though she has been waking up at about 4:30, and she is sitting in her crib talking away! Then she eventually gets upset and won’t calm down till she eats. Her naps are pretty good, she takes one in the morning for three hours and another in the late afternoon for two to three hours. Then when she is awake she is a pretty happy girl.


She is currently learning all the noises and sounds she can make, which makes for a chatty baby in the morning. She is also starting to grab and hold things, and once she has a grip on something good luck getting it back! She is starting to like toys too, she has a rattle bear and her squeaky giraffe (Sophie) that she loves, she smiles and gets all excited when we play with her.  


And now for pictures! I had about forty more than these, but I decided not to bombard everyone! ; ) So I narrowed it down to some of my favorites. (especially the very first and the last one!)


Hehehe! That face! : D


  1. Too many gross baby stories to share...including a few that involved you! ;)
    I don't mind being bombarded with baby her so much!


  2. She is so sweet though! We had our first "epic" blow out in 8 weeks (aka his life) today. It was awful...poo...everywhere. I've had this same experience with Colin as well - and the first thing that came to mind - and this is super gross - is why did that taste sweet? Yep. That happened.

  3. She is precious. I can't wait to start a family. The vomit story is gross. I hope I don't have to taste it.

  4. I love the flowery, girly pj's on her! So much adorable baby goodness!

    I finally responded to your nomination of me for the Liebster award. Thank you, that was a fun post to do! :)