Monday, August 18, 2014

Being a Mom { 1 }

I am going to start doing a series of post on  how things are going with Claire and my experiences of being a new mom and watching Josh leaning to be a dad. I may do a post every week or just  once a month.
Tomorrow Claire will be 5 weeks old! It feels like just yesterday that she was born, but at the same time she has fit in so well seems like she has always been there. lol Everyday this little girl makes us fall more and more in love with her. She is crazy expressive with her little eyebrows and always is making faces, it is hard to not just sit and stare at her. A few smiles have emerged from her, though sometimes we have to wait to see if it is for real or just gas. She is crazy strong for being so little and is very active. Her arms, legs and neck are always moving around, it makes holding her a chore! Even at night and for naps I will have her swaddled nice and snug then when I go to check on her she is unwrapped and has wiggled herself across the crib! 
I feel very blessed with Claire, she has been a very easy baby (knock on wood!). I have just moved her to her own room, mostly because Josh has a hard time sleeping with her making noises and with work he needs the sleep. Plus it is easier when I need to change her. I have been trying to establish naps, which is going pretty good, she will only cry for about five to ten minuets, with a few visits from me, before she falls asleep. I am not very good at making sure we have a schedule down, I get in the habit of every few days skipping a nap and just holding her. At night she has been having a stretch of sleep that lasts anywhere from five to seven hours! Last night we made it for eight hours! : D It has been amazing! When she is awake she is a happy baby, unless she wants something that is. She is funny though when being held, if she is asleep you can hold her any way you want. However when she is awake she pretty much demands that she is held upright, if she can’t look around she starts to fuss.
Feedings are going good. I am starting to take her off of the formula that we were giving her for the Jaundice and putting back on just the breast milk. Which I am glad for because it seems like the formula always gives her a little tummy ach. Plus it is super annoying to have to make up a bottle, breastfeeding is much easier and Claire likes it better.   
It is amazing how fast they grow! She has already grown too tall for some of her newborn clothes, sadly though the 0-3 month clothes are too big. She has an average weight, however she is measuring taller for her age. So her clothes will either fit her well except be too short or they will be the right length and falling off her shoulders because she hasn’t filled in there yet. No matter what though she looks cute in everything we put her in. : )
Photo credit of Claire and I go to my tripod and timer. : D
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  1. How exciting! What an excellent idea.
    Establishing a sleep schedule is tough! While I don;t have a baby of my own quiet yet I have nannied for several infants and it is definitely a challenge!
    Love the photos! She is one beautiful baby! I am glad you're able to go back to breast feeding and that it is going well :) Praying for you and your family!

  2. this photo shoot is precious!
    xo Jessica