Friday, July 11, 2014

Making Messes….

What fun is doing any project without making a mess? lol Whenever I sew, paint, bake or do any project I always end up with the biggest mess! It seems it takes me just as long to clean as it does to make my creation. It has kept me busy and my mind off of anticipating when the baby will get here though. Right now I did get the office space somewhat clean, now the kitchen on the other hand…. I want to make some bread but I need to first clean my mess from making a quinoa salad and do the dishes. I also want to start a new crochet project for the baby but I have three projects going in the family room. One for my bosses baby, a blanket for my baby and a slouchy beany. That is another thing I am bad at, finishing projects. Though I have been better now not having work. I only have those three crochet projects and a burp cloth that remain unfinished. All of the paintings for the baby’s room are finished and the other sewing projects for her room have been finished.

Oh and guess what?! I am really close to sharing pictures of the nursery. I just need to hang two shelves and one more artsy thing. I do still need to paint the closet doors and shelf but my hubby doesn’t want me to paint till after baby. So that will happen while she sleeps with us. I will probably share though before the painting gets done. Anyways! I am now off to go clean that mess in the kitchen so I can make some bread to go with the quinoa salad.  : )


Have a great weekend! : )

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  1. haha i'm the worst at finishing things too, i've even just blogged about it! As for the mess, i think it's part of the creative process :)