Monday, July 21, 2014

Being New Parents…

Josh and I are so in love with our little girl, she brings us more and more joy every day.

I thought I would tell you how everything went and how things are going now. Last Monday morning I started feeling contractions, and through out the day they slowly got closer and closer together. So Josh and I went to the mall to go for a walk when they then started to go to about 5 to 7 min apart. Lol, Josh was a wreck! We got stuck in traffic on the way back home and he was freaking out thinking we might have the baby on the highway. : D We however did not have her on the highway! When we got home I called and they said to come in after one hour more of painful contractions that were 5min apart. Next thing I know I was in the hospital and moved to a room to deliver. Labor was pretty easy and I only had to push for half an hour. Then at 1:51am on Tuesday the 15th she was born weighing 7lbs 9oz. 20 inches long and in perfect health.

The nurses and doctor were great, the last nurse I had on Tuesday evening however was very hard to understand with her accent and she wasn’t very good at explaining things. Which did make me a little nervous being as we were talking about my newborn. We were told we could leave Tuesday night after they received the test results from the bilirubin test. So around eight we started to pack up, but then the nurse came in and informed us that Claire had Jaundice and we were going to have to stay the night. Tired and ready to go home we very unwillingly unpacked our stuff. Then 20min later the nurse comes back in saying we can go and just come back in the morning for another test. So we again packed our bags and went home. Which I am super thankful for!

The next two days had visits to the doctors for blood tests. They came back high (not good) and we were told she had to have home phototherapy done. Claire had to be put on this blue light for the next few days. Which was rough because she could only come out to feed and to have her diaper changed. Saturday we were told her numbers came down and she could come off the lights. The instant I was off the phone with the nurse Claire was in my arms! Josh and I then fought over who got to hold her. lol

Yesterday when the nurse came to pic up the phototherapy bed she took one last blood test. When she called me later with the results she informed me that her numbers jumped back up and that she was on her way over to put her back on the bed. : / So my poor little girl is still stuck on the bed, of which she is not very happy. Though neither are we because we have to keep the bed in one spot which is the family room. Which means we have to sleep on the futon. : P

We are hoping that a day more and she will be good enough to come off the lights, if not the nurse wants to try and limit the blood test to every other day, being as she has had her little feet prick all but one day of being here.


Learning what our daughter is like…

Hair color – Blonde, we thought for sure she would come out with Josh’s black hair or at least a dark brown.

Eyes- Muddy Blue

Sleep- She does a lot of it

When awake- She is usually a pretty happy girl when awake. Her eyes are open a lot and she is always looking around. She is also crazy strong! She already will lift her head and will hold it for a few seconds, she even has been trying to roll over when we change her.

I am really looking forward to watching her personality grow! She is truly an amazing little baby. : )


  1. Congrats on your easy delivery!! That's great.
    Hoping your little babe is better by tomorrow!

  2. Oh my goodness...I love these pictures!!!! She is so her kissable cheeks!

    ♥-Mom (a.k.a. Nana) ;)

  3. Congratulations, she is beautiful. Babies are such precious angels. It's hard to watch them have to pricked and poked and checked but it's the best thing for them to make sure they are in good health. My son had to have his pricked a lot the first few days as I had gestational diabetes. I hated it but we got through it and it bothered me more than him. Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood :) Maria. xx

  4. Congratulations! She is simply gorgeous :) So glad everything went well. I know being under the lights is no fun. My sis had to do that with two of her babies. I love the typewriter and the letter. I also wrote my kids each a letter of their birth story and my prayers for them. I put it in their scrapbooks and they love to read them. Welcome to parenting! The toughest job you'll ever love :)