Sunday, June 22, 2014

Planning our House: the Family Room…

I am going to slowly share each room and what I would like to do for each one. Yes everything is still kinda a mess and boxes are still here and there, but we have only lived here for a month.

So this is the family room/man cave. This is the comfy room we always end up in. It needs some serious décor help. lol I have to though when decorating it keep Josh in mind because we have decided that this is kinda his room. The places that need wall art will be movie, music and video game posters (classy and vintage like ones, and thank goodness Josh likes all the ones I have so far showed him!).


The room also needs a short wide coffee table for playing board games at and floor pillows for watching movies and playing games.


I really want bean bags like those and a comfy chair like that, though maybe not in white, it is a family room where kids will be. lol Anyways! This is what I would like to do in this room. I will share more rooms soon along with what I am doing in each one as I do it. : )


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