Sunday, June 1, 2014


Well, we are all moved in to our new house. Let me tell you, I am worn out! Who knew moving could be such a pain. Cleaning, packing and unpacking then cleaning again. I am slowly finding places for things and making it a home. Our biggest problem is lack of furniture, we were in a tiny one bedroom. Now we are in a three bedroom with a bonus room.

I am really liking this house though, it has space to move, Josh and I aren’t on top of and running into each other in the bathroom and kitchen. It has a yard, gardens, it’s own walls! You can’t hear the neighbor walking through their house! Though I will admit, when there is a noise in the house I am a bit jumpy, because I know it can’t be the neighbor… lol Most the time it is the stupid fridge which has an awesome water and ice dispenser, however it makes a LOT of noise.


I will share some pictures soon, work is finally slowing down, I have finished the senior and family sittings I did, now all that is left is prepping for our little girl. : )

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