Friday, June 20, 2014

Baby Planning: Cloth Diapers…

I have decided that I will be using cloth diapers on my baby. If you asked me about cloth a few years ago I would have said that is GROSS! But it makes sense to me now. I have been doing a lot research and talking to friends who have been using them for their newborns.
I get a lot of looks from people when I tell them that I am going to be using cloth, including my husband. He about freaked when I told him I was going to use cloth, he has been insisting he will not use them. Well when I got the first diaper in the mail, I was super excited, Josh was very skeptical. I sat there and showed him how it worked, he shockingly paid attention. He then stated that it “might not be that bad”, YES! I have got him at least to the point where he isn’t freaking out on me. lol
Being as I haven’t had my little one yet I am no expert on all of this, so I am sharing some sites that have been really helpful and informative. Most all of the info I have been getting on cloth diapers if from blogging moms who have used them along with some friends. Here are some of the blogs I found that have been helpful.
Still Being Molly  (this blog has a whole series on diapering)
The Butterfly and Fox Diapers came from Etsy. The rest of them I have bought from amazon and include the following brands… Grovia, Rumparooz, Alva and Kawaii.
I will probably do a post after having done the cloth diapering for a while. I will also soon be doing a post on the nursery, it is slowly coming together! lol

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  1. I'm still debating whether to use cloth diapers or disposable. A friend of mine suggested that I start out with disposable ones while my baby is still a newborn and make the switch to cloth later. I'll be sure to look through these blogs you linked to!

    1. I plan on the first few weeks on using the disposables. It will just be a little easier with getting used to everything else.

  2. I admire you for this. No way could I have done it. Much better for babies skin but so much work! I am lazy so the less work that is required from me the better. We have been lucky with Locky, he has only had nappy rash twice due to teething. Good luck and would love to hear how you go :) x

  3. We cloth diaper (though not at the moment) and have saved tons of money and like it. The only caution though would be for the very newborn stage; that is a tough time to get used to a baby AND have the ton of extra laundry of diapers. Plus, that meconium is so so nasty and STAINS.

  4. I use cloth with my 6 month little boy. He was in a cast for awhile with his club foot. And used disposables until he was out of the cast and big enough. He was a peanut. We have been going 2-3 months with them. I am going to try cloth wipes now. My dad built me a sprayer so I can spray off the mess into the toilet. We didn't have to worry about that until he was eating food. You can just rinse/wash/rinse with just breast milk if you are going that route.
    It isn't as bad and gross as I first thought. Well worth the money :) I buy from Alva and Fluff Lovin Mom. They are inexpensive and I have the cutest prints, TMNT, Mustache, Winnie the Pooh, Flinstones, Smurfs, etc.

    Good Luck!!