Friday, May 16, 2014

Taking it All On….

I am starting to think the next few weeks are going to be crazy! But I am ready to take it all on! I today have a family and Senior sitting, so the next week or two I am going to have to attack the editing. I am working full time, thank goodness for only about two more weeks. Ahh, and we are moving in a week. Lol I have a lot of packing to do in a week, the moving date kinda snuck up on us and not much is in boxes.

Today, my day off, I plan on packing up the bedroom, everything on the walls and maybe some of the kitchen. I then am going to hang out with a friend for a bit before I have my sittings. After that I will probably join Josh at the new place to do some cleaning. Needless to say I won’t be around on the blog much, except for a few post I already have made up. I will be taking pictures though so be ready for a bunch of stuff once we get settled. : D


Everyone enjoy your weekend! : )

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