Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I Wore…

Baby Update! Holy Cow! This little girl is a mover! : D During the day at work, first thing in the morning and at night and, pretty much all night. I haven’t been sleeping that great and poor Josh kinda ends up not sleeping well either. It usually starts with waking up to use the bathroom, then not being able to find a comfy position. After I do find a good spot my super sweet daughter decides that that moment would be the best to try out her soccer kicking skills.

I was happy though, when I got to work the other day, after getting little sleep, my boss’s wife told me I looked really good. So I did a good job of hiding my tired eyes and crazy hair! : ) lol


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  1. HI there! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Looking through yours, I love your photos.I know I am commenting on another post as well as this, but the shot of the yellow truck is really neat. ( sophisticated use of language huh?) Congratulations, you look very lovely . I like the crocheted top and boots Visit anytime.

  2. hey, thank you for stopping by my blog Shine On, I'm your newest follower! I adore your outfit! I have a weakness for cowboy boots!

  3. I am so glad that you found my blog - so that I could find your blog! I adore your style! You look stunning and those boots are sheer perfection. Yay for another week down!

  4. You look gorgeous!!
    I love everything about the outfit, especially all the layers! :)
    My baby would always get the hiccups right when I was falling asleep!

  5. Adorable outfit and expert layering! You look amazing, not tired at all. :)

  6. You do look beautiful! Your layers look pretty as well as comfortable.

    blue hue wonderland

  7. This outfit looks super comfortable! Congrats on the baby!


  8. You are adorable! I love the mix of textures in all of this! Carylee |