Friday, April 18, 2014


I know! More pictures of flowers! It is so hard though not to share all the pretty pictures that spring offers. : ) Plus I have stuff to tell and I can’t tell things with out pictures to go with. Even though these pictures don’t go with anything I will be talking about! : D

Life has been crazy busy lately and I honestly cannot believe I have been able to blog as much as I have. I have been working 26 to 35 hours a week and then when I get home I still have to clean and make dinner. Side note, I didn’t realize how many hours I was working until just now when I added them up! lol Anyways, I also have been trying to make things for my Etsy, which is slow going and push my photography business, which isn’t really going anywhere with me working at the Studio so much.

Josh and I are also going to be moving in a month into a house that his parents bought, which we eventually will buy from them.  Before and while living there we will be working to fix it up. So right now I have been doing some packing, a task at which I am a bit OCD about, and having boxes around our tiny apartment is driving me up the wall! lol  It will be nice though to finally be moving so I can set up a nursery for our little girl. And I will have a room for my art and crafting stuff so I can power through some stuff for the baby, which is currently buried under boxes. lol SO anyways! I will be taking some pic’s of the place this weekend which I will share next week along with pictures of inspiration for each room.

I noticed I don’t write much on my blog but when I do I kinda write more than I intend. lol But I have been thinking about how I don’t really share much about me or what is going on, good or bad. My friend and I were talking about how blogs are annoying because you only ever see one side of a person and it usually is the great and seemingly perfect side. That tends to make some parts of life hard because you end up comparing it to other bloggers lives. Which I have recently told myself, who cares! You have an awesome life too, even with its ups, downs and obstacles. I will say my life has been pretty amazing, God has really blessed me. I have a wonderful husband, an awesome family, both sides and a super sweet church family. But it isn’t always sunshine and flowers, and that is okay, you can’t truly understand the good without a taste of the bad. That is just what we call Life.

ANYWAYS! I am done! : D

Oh wait, I forgot! I am also now a year older! I am 22! Ahhhh! I know that is young, but I still feel old. lol I think it is having a baby that does it. : )


//Life is about moments: Don’t wait for them, create them.//



Have a great day! : )

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