Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I Wore…


Note: Hubby took the pictures. : )

I am now just over five months pregnant! Crazy Hard to believe, it feels like we just found out yesterday! I am still able to get away with wearing non maternity clothes, whoot, whoot! : D Though I don’t think it will, sadly, last much longer. : (

Let me tell you though about how it has been going. Morning sickness is nonexistent, and I am no longer ALWAYS hungry. lol I do still however have lovely back pains, I have to go to the bathroom almost every hour and I always seem to be tired. Poor Josh, because I don’t sleep well he sadly doesn’t either. Lol I tend to move a lot in my sleep and kinda take all the blankets from him sometimes. Though dealing with every thing is made easier every time we think about meeting our daughter. : )

Baby has been moving like crazy! As soon as I get into a car or into bed at night she starts wiggling around. Sometimes it is annoying, but when she stops I find myself looking for her movement. Josh loves feeling for her, but almost every time she moves he jumps! lol It freaks him out yet he instantly puts his hand back on my stomach to feel more movement. : ) He is going to be such a great daddy!

Anyways! Everyone have a good day! : D


  1. CONGRATS ON BABY! Your baby bump is adorable:) And the outfit is great...good job to the hubby for taking the pics. My son took mine today - ha!

  2. When I was pregnant with you, your dad had a little Chevy S-10 pickup and every time I rode in that truck you would move around like crazy....maybe that is why you like trucks today! ;D


  3. Congratulations and you look so cute!

  4. Just can't get enough of those boots, girl!! I am glad to hear your pregnancy is going well! And I will be praying for more sleep for both you and your husband.

  5. You are the cutest little pregnant lady:)