Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hey There and Welcome…

I am so happy spring is here! I love seeing flowers, mowed lawns and listening to the birds sing. : )
This is my current desktop background. I was having fun in photoshop. lol (feel free to save picture to use on your desktop) Note: I uploaded this picture and for some reason it looks blurry! Sorry, it just bothers me, it isn't really blurry! Anyways! :D
Things to do this spring (or things I want to try to do)
//Move//Go through ALL of my stuff//Take More Pictures//Finish at Least 2 Books ( I haven’t read anything all winter!)//Go on a few Hikes or Drives//Plant a garden//Finish the Baby’s Blanket//Do a Blog Makeover, I need to figure something out for my sidebar//A Maternity shoot//Prep a Nursery//Make a Quilted Pillow with all my Scraps//Exercise more//
Yeah, Exercising more, even though last on the list, it is a top priority! Holy COW! I took a Short bike ride with Josh today and I was completely winded! I came into the house and plopped down on the couch and just laid there. lol I have never been so out of shape, so I just need to get out and walk some more.
Any thing you are wanting to do this spring?
: )


  1. happy spring! looking at these pictures make me want to get out and have a picnic in the garden

  2. I'm so glad spring is finally here! And those pink blossoms are so beautiful!

  3. Those pictures are really beautiful! Now following you dear.


  4. happy spring. beautiful pictures, sarah.
    i would like to make spring detox, to walk more and i have to relocate :)

  5. such lovely photos! can't wait for flowering trees to start blooming around here, definitely one of the BEST things to photograph each year ;)

  6. I need to write down a spring bucket list as well! Lovely photos.

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  7. These are gorgeous! We don't have any leaves or flowers yet in Sandpoint, but soon, very soon.... :-)

  8. I'm so excited about Spring! I've actually written a whole post on what I want to do this season :) xx