Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Date and Snow…

Josh and I both had the same day off for the first time in a log time. So we had a date day! We took care of our errands first, like returning our broken couch and getting a new one! That was a ton of fun… :/ I have no idea how we got this huge leather couch in our house when we bought it, it took forever to get it back out of the house! : D The new couch fit a lot better through the door.

We then decided to go see the new “Lego Movie” that afternoon. The line was long and the parking full so Josh dropped me off at the front to get our tickets while he searched out a parking spot. However the 4:40 showing we were going to see was sold out, along with the 6:10. The next time was 6:40, later than we really wanted to be out but I called him and he said to go for it. I step up to the window and tell the lady what I wanted and right as I looked up at the board the 6:40 sells out! The next time was 7:40… lol I bought the tickets being as we were already there and I didn’t want to drive home after looking forward to seeing the movie.

For the 5 hours that we had till our movie we went and walked the mall, got some dinner and stopped in at the book store. It was nice to hang out with my husband for so long. : )

After our movie (which I thought was awesome!) we came out of the theater to about an inch of snow! We have only had one other snow day all winter, and the weather reports said it wouldn’t be coming near us that day. It was a long drive home but we made it safely. Once home Josh decided that we continue our date with a walk in the snow. : )

I told him that was great but I wanted to bring my camera with, duh. lol But I got down to the end of our road and went to take the first picture and then realized I left my memory card at home! Ahhh! I couldn’t handle it, we hiked back up the hill so I could get my card and take pictures! So anyways, here are the shots I got of our late night snowy walk. : )



  1. that does sounds like fun! I am glad you got to spend that time with him.
    I am crazy excited to see the Lego movie, crazy excited!! like, seriously I can not even wait!

  2. That sounds like a lovely evening:) NC is in the middle of their second snowstorm right now. We are supposed to get 12-14 inches! That is way out of the norm so we shall see!