Sunday, December 29, 2013

Reveal Shoot…

I have always wanted to do a reveal shoot, to be a part of sharing a couples good news. Well I got a chance to do a reveal shoot. However it was a little different than I thought my first reveal would go. It was my husband and I that were in front of the lens! We are going to have a baby! : D



We found out a few months ago and we were super excited. I didn’t really find out the way I had hoped but it was an adventure.

I had thought I was maybe pregnant so I took two home test and they both came up negative. I was a little upset but I figured God didn’t think we were ready. Well a week later I was getting ready for work, I had just taken a hot shower and was making my way to the bedroom when I felt light headed. Next thing I know I was on the bathroom floor with Josh Standing over me yelling my name. I was clueless as to what happened! And of course he was freaking out! lol He told me I passed out and was going to call 911. I though this was over kill for just fainting so he called my mom instead.

So after that we made our way to the doctor. They asked if I was pregnant and I told them about me two negative tests and I just figured my monthly period was just late. However they did a test anyways and said that I was pregnant! I was so happy! Josh on the other hand was a brick wall all day, I could get no emotion out of him! That was making me very nervous! The next day though he came running up to me and touched my tummy and declared how excited he was to be a dad. Apparently the day before he was in shock. lol

SO anyways! Our little one is due on July 12th and we are very excited to welcome it to our lives. : )


  1. Congratulations!!! So happy for you and Josh!

  2. Congrats!! What a scary way to find out, glad all is well. Ps- July 12th is my sister's bday, that's a great due date ;)

  3. Oh how wonderful! Congratulations to you both! (I think you scared Josh pretty good. = > )

  4. wow, huge news! congratulations to you both!

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!! How exciting! ...maybe not an exciting way to find out, but exciting nonetheless!! This photo is perfectly adorable.

  6. How exciting and what a great picture! Wish I would have been that creative...