Friday, August 2, 2013

A Little About Me…


I thought I would do a short post on who I am, for those who didn’t read my old blog.

I am very random! As you will probably find out very soon. My husband often complains I bounce from one subject to the next too fast. I will probably end up doing the same around here on my blog.

I am currently working on setting up my own photography company, I also work for a local photography studio and am trying to be a loving wife. On my days off and in my spare time I clean, do laundry, wash dishes, go grocery shopping, etc. lol Well…. I guess I also spend a bit of time editing pictures, pinning and blogging. : ) I have quite a few things I like to do, here is just a short list. ; ) Reading books, painting, crocheting, baking, crafting and all the time listening to music.

(Note…. the book in my hands is one of my favorites ever! I have read it about 5 times!)


IMG 175

Thanks to my friend for taking my pictures! : )

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